Summer Boling, Reporter

April 21st is Easter Day of 2019, and despite any religious aspects it’s a time for family over anything else. Regardless of it that family is by blood or by memory the time is far more than important.

Many people note that their favorite thing is the egg hunts for absolutely any age , or the church services that are filled with new faces- but arguably, as with any holiday, the best part is the food.

Most families nationwide eat ham or roast on Easter, however there isn’t a set meal on Easter. Unlike other holidays nationwide, people don’t associate it with a fancy dinner, but instead have linked it to the assorted candies and chocolates.

To many people, Easter means peanut butter eggs that nobody in their right mind could finish in one sitting. These eggs have been re-branded time and time again but every time they always have that over saturated flavor of sugar.

Easter is a holiday of sugar, not meat.