April Horoscopes

April Horoscopes

Summer Boling, Reporter

Aries – Stop avoiding the trials that scare you, they are nothing you haven’t faced already. Sure, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get someone else’s input, but it’s more important to focus on yourself and move forward.

Taurus – The opportunity for new connections is well in your favor. New and interesting people will soon find their way to you. Let this stand as a sign of your will and courage.

Gemini – You will quickly begin to understand the world around you. While this will inevitably lead to bursts of adrenaline, don’t let them cloud your judgment.

Cancer – You need to find a new hobby to help combat the impulses that have driven your life. Calm down, let the wind guide you, and everything will eventually fall into place.

Leo – Despite the long road ahead of you, take this time to reflect back on everything. Realize how far you can get based on the triumphs of your past.

Virgo – Your words will become the beginning of many great triumphs soon. Allow for your mind to pave way for that.

Libra – Don’t allow people to take advantage of you. You’re an amazing person who deserves better than the toxicity of everyday people.

Scorpio – This month you’ll be quick and efficient with completing your goals, but don’t lose yourself in the storm.

Sagittarius – It’s always better to ask for permission rather than forgiveness. You’ll find greater truth in the immoral.

Capricorn – Don’t trust everything you hear. People aren’t always honest in life. Know that you deserve nothing more than the truth.

Aquarius – You are more than the mundane details of your life. Don’t get caught up in the slow space, allow the swarm to come to you.

Pisces – Risks are not threats. Don’t fear the leaps of faith that life depends on. Find yourself comfortable in the unknown.