Things to do Over the Summer

Things to do Over the Summer

Bridget Rajarajan, staff reporter

Summer vacation is coming soon and we need to know how to spend all our time away from school.

One of the first things to do over the summer is sleep. Sleep is absolutely the best thing in the world and it improves your life expectancy. We all love to sleep, so get back some of that sleep you lost over the school year.

Another thing to do is hanging out with your friends. You will definitely miss them over the break after spending almost every day with them.

If you don’t want to do those things or if you don’t have friends, then you can make some by going to a new summer camp and hanging out with new people. You might find someone who really understands you and becomes a life long friend. You never know until you try.

What I’m going to be mostly doing over the summer is bingeing many tv shows. There are so many shows and movies to watch on Netflix. If you don’t have Netflix then just browse through channels.

I am also volunteering this summer. If you’re like me and usually do nothing over the summer than why not give your time to people who would love to have your time and company.

Lastly, the obvious choice: a vacation. Of course, we’re just high schoolers and we don’t really get to choose where to go when on vacation. If your family does go on vacation, just make sure to enjoy your time and appreciate all the sights.