Legally Blonde The Musical


Bridget Rajarajan, staff reporter

“Knights, Camera, Action,” the Cabell Midland theatre group is putting on a musical for the school. The talented group of dancers, singers, and actors are going to make the musical great. They have been working very hard this year to make this play its best.

A small synopsis of the play is that it’s about a girl named Elle Woods who chases the love her life to Harvard Law School. She ends up being a great lawyer. The play is directed by the theater teacher, Mr. James.

The costumes and the choreographing are all amazing. There are both heart wrenching and hilarious moments.

The admission price for the play is $5 and there will be two shows during school on Monday, April 29th. It will depend on if you want to skip your morning classes or afternoon classes. There are also Saturday and Sunday shows, but I’m sure no one wants to come to school over the weekend, so those times are mostly for the parents.

The dancers in this show are so talented and have a great dancing ability. The music is amazing and hilarious. There is a song called Gay or European, which most of the students will love.

Come to the play and help out the theatre group! They deserve all the love from the school for all the days they’ve stayed after school until 8 to make this play as amazing as it is.

Last but not least, the sets are wonderful and so creative. They transport you to the scene and make it feel like you’re actually there.