Netflix Maybe Losing Popular Shows

Hannah Tomes, Co-Editor

Most people have a Netflix account or have at least heard of the popular streaming website. There are rumors that it might soon be losing two of its most watched shows.

The two shows that are in danger of being removed are “The Office” and “Friends,” which are both extremely well-known. Apparently NBCUniversal is planning on launching its own streaming service soon and is considering pulling “The Office” from Netflix once its contract runs out in 2021. It already cost Netflix $100 million to keep “Friends” from being removed in early 2019, and once WarnerMedia launches its streaming service as well, they could take the show off Netflix as soon as this fall. “The Office” is the most watched show on Netflix, with “Friends” being in the top ten most watched.

Whatever happens, there’s a good chance many fans won’t be happy to lose these two shows, which means Netflix will have to fight to save them.