Prom After Party Ideas

Elizabeth Simmons, Reporter

Prom is a time when all the juniors and seniors get to have a formal night to listen to music and have fun with their friends. It’s an amazing experience, however, everyone knows they’re all just in it for the after parties.

If you couldn’t come up the perfect place to hang out after prom with your pals, then take a look at the list below:

  1. Bowling – have you ever went bowling in a ballgown? Neither have most people in the world. But doesn’t it just sound like a blast? Covered in glitter, under black light, wearing bowling shoes and posting selfies all night long.
  2. Skating – skating in a dress sounds a little more difficult, so you might have to ditch the dress and suit for this one before you head in. Either way, this just sounds like a blast for you and all of your friends.
  3. Movies – going to a midnight premiere of a movie is quite an experience, but going decked out in prom attire would take it to a whole other level.
  4. Pool – now, I would not recommend going to a public pool and breaking in around midnight, but I would recommend everyone planning to meet at a friend’s house with a pool if it’s an option.
  5. Sleepover – guys don’t exactly call it a “sleepover,” but it’s essentially the same exact thing. What better way to end prom night than surrounded by your best friends in your living room watching some good movies or gaming the night away?