Places to Get Ready For Prom!

Morgan Nelson, staff reporter

There are millions of people each year that get excited due to the fact that prom is nearing. For those who wait until the last minute to get everything for that special and exciting night, this article can help with all of your problems.

If someone were to wait until the last minute for prom preparation, then they would need a dress, shoes, hair, nails, make up done, and a place to eat. You will also need a ride to get to the restaurant and the dance itself. So let’s start with the dress. The fastest and most affordable place to get a dress would be Macy’s. Let’s go to the next item on the list: shoes. Right beside the prom dresses and other formal dresses is the shoe department, where you may find shoes. There is usually a clearance section where you can get your shoes at a cheaper price and still look great.

Hair and nails are a little trickier due to the fact that most places are probably already booked up. Have a family member or friend do your hair or hope that there is a last minute cancellation. Makeup can be done yourself if you can’t find anyone who can do it professionally. You could also have a family and or friend do it that you know is good at it. If any of your friends are going too, then you could go out to eat with them. One friend could give you a ride.