Legally Blonde

Hannah Tomes, Co-Editor

The school theater class recently put on the musical adaptation of “Legally Blonde” and had two shows over the weekend as well as two shows on Monday.

Most people have had good things to say about the play after seeing either the 9:30 am show or the 12:30 pm show on Monday. Junior Bridget Rajarajan, who played Chutney, says she had a lot of fun working on the play.

“The play turned out so good and I had a lot of fun getting to help out with everything,” said Rajarajan.

The students in theater, costume, makeup, and stage design all did their part to make the play a success. It was rehearsed for many hours to make sure it turned out good. Everyone put in a lot of work and tried to stick to the movie as closely as possible.

“I had to stay after school to practice a lot, which wasn’t exactly fun but was worth it,” said Rajarajan. “One evening I even stayed until midnight.”

Students at Cabell Midland always look forward to seeing what the theater class comes up with, and it’s safe to say this year’s production was a hit.