Soft Code Red?

Danielle Hughes, Staff Reporter

Here at the castle we have had two fires, multiple incidents and now we had a soft code red. What even is a soft code red? How can it even be safe if it is a code red? Would that not mean that it is then a code orange? If it is not safe to go anywhere, it is called a code red. Therefore, there should be no such thing as a safe code red because it is not safe.  The teachers nor the students knew what was going on. It was the day after a kid got in trouble for “threatening a school shooting.” (All of his friends say he is innocent, but each 0f them tell a different story. One of them says he was framed and that it was photoshop. Others say it was just a joke. Either way we should not have had to go to school because if it was real, then we all could have been in major danger.)

Lillian Bass of freshman year agrees. “What even is a soft code red? We should have never had to switch classes. They should have informed us on what was going on.”