Should Freshman Be Required to Take PSATS?

Danielle Hughes, Staff Reporter

In my opinion I thought that SAT day was fun. Overall, the tests went by really quickly and was a good break from classes. It was a bit scary and made me really nervous. When I couldn’t find the answer to one of the questions I was asked, I got really nervous and almost had a breakdown. My whole brain shut down and I could not breathe all over a simple question. For some people the stress can be to much and us having to take it three times is a bit nerve racking. For some people, they would freak out so much that they passed out. When I had to take my first final, I had a major panic attack, chewed up two pencils-one mechanical and the other wooden-and I puked. I was not ready for it, so I can only imagine what other kids felt like when they took the PSATS. I think that if you’re in ninth grade, you should get a form you have to take home and sign if you have a good reason not to take the SAT. Every student should get one and if they fail to return one then they have to take the SAT. We should have an option. Kids before us did not have to take the PSAT in ninth grade. It just recently started and for some ninth graders it’s to much.

Lillian Bass of ninth grade had a hard time on the PSAT.

“I couldn’t stay focused and I could hardly breathe the whole time.”