Here to Stay

Here to Stay

Ruth Brown, reporter

Some visitors are visiting tonight

Anguish, fear, and anxiety

They bring no light

They chill the heart

They assassinate the conscience


Some old friends are here

Anger, bitterness, and loath

They bring lunacy to the mind

They blind the sweet eyes

They lock the thoughts with animosity


They will not just leave

Ache, agony, and insanity

They cause the lips to talk nonsense

The memories are cloudy

The future is unknown


They had just arrived

Doubt, depression, and confinement

Do not know grace can come back

The mind is lost

The love is struggling


There are no secrets between

Disgust, isolation, and retaliation

They see the opportunity

Hope is shattered

The spirit is smashed


They are here to stay

Grief, misery, and torture

The light deteriorates

Courage grows to cowering

The strength is crippling


They all are here to live

Forever within the mind and soul

Never to walk away again

The body is crumbling

The soul is fading away