To Be His Queen

To Be His Queen

Ruth Brown, reporter

My screams aren’t audible

But my eyes are noticeable

They show the desire I have to let them out

I am constricted from doing so

The devil will not allow it

Not for a second

I know because he speaks to me

I hear him all the time

And I speak back to him

He tells me that I am not good enough

That I should not be in this world

That I need to kill myself


I believe him

No one wants to see me anyways

What is the point?

Lying here in misery for the rest of my days?


I listen to what he says

I did it

I let it all out

My screams

My shrilling scream

Is finally able to be let out as I fall to the earth


I go down to be with the one I speak to

I finally come face to face with him

He looks much nicer than how that sounds

I do not let it fool me

He speaks to me:

“At last, we finally meet face to face

I have been waiting for a long time

You are here with me forever

So I now must ask this

Shall you become my queen

And rule with me over all of these souls

For all of eternity and more?”


I do not give it a second thought

For he is right

I am stuck here for all of eternity

I respond to him:

“I shall do as you ask

And become your queen

And rule with you and over your kingdom and all”


My fate has been sealed

People say you burn when you are down here

Contrary to that, I was freezing

A crown is presented to me by the spirits of pain and agony

He takes this crown of death and power and places it upon my head


I now live his in continual peace

With my new made king

To rule over all of the damned souls for all of eternity