Prom 2019


Zac Backus, Reporter

May 4th, 2019 was our annual Prom dance. The theme was Moroccan Sunset. It had a beautiful sunset centerpiece in the dance floor and the attendees were given vases memorializing the night.

The weather played a factor in normal prom day stress for many, making students and their families worried where to go to take those highly coveted prom photos.

Sophomore attendant Payton Conley stated worry over where to go for photos and dinner.

“My family, date and I were worried about where to take good photos at if it rained. There aren’t that many good places that are inside to take photos at,” stated Conley. “Luckily the rain held off in time for my amazing date and I to take photos at my house, and then go to the sheriffs farm up by the school.”

Many wanted to go to the Frederick building in Huntington, but when some arrived the doors were locked with a sign stating it was closed for prom related photos.

Some places made places inside in case of rain, like Barbies Dress Shop in Milton, and the city of Milton kindly moved the vintage horse carriage underneath a shelter so people taking photos could stay dry.

Overall, Prom 2019 was a success.