Senior Awards


Zac Backus, Reporter

Every year the senior class wins a plethora of extravagant awards awarded to them at the annual Senior Awards. The class of 2019 is no different. Here are some of the highlights from the Senior Awards:

PROMISE: The PROMISE scholarship is a grant given to students who meet the criteria. A 3.0 GPA, at least a 22 composite ACT score with 20 in each subscore is required. The class of 2019 has 103 promise scholars, about 1/4th of the class, which is outstanding.

Yeager: Marshall University offers a scholarship to a very small number of elite students. The recipients of the Yeager are given a full ride to Marshall and they must also:

  • Attend four core interdisciplinary seminars.
  • The development of proficiency in a foreign language.
  • Additional courses in the natural/physical and social sciences and in literature to round out the core curriculum of a Scholar’s program.
  • In-depth study in a major or majors selected from those offered by the University.
  • Independent study, guided by a mentor professor, leading to a senior project.
  • Summer study at Oxford University.
  • Support for an additional study abroad experience or (with permission) an approved internship/research experience involving academic credit.
  • Community mentorships appropriate to the Scholar’s major, in government, business, industry or education.

Here at CMHS we have a yeager scholar, Senior Sydney Adkins.

Maier STEM Educator Scholarship: This year Marshall also established the Maier STEM Educator scholarship, which they describe as:

The Maier Stem Educator Scholarship was created to increase the number of highly qualified
STEM middle school and high school teachers in West Virginia. Four students will be chosen
for the 2019-20 academic year, and renewed for the following 3 years. The annual scholarship
will be $15,000 for tuition, housing and other costs; a stipend of up to $1,500 for a laptop; and
funding for a study abroad or student exchange experience. A total scholarship package of
$71,000 maximum over a four-year period will be awarded. This amount may be adjusted
based upon other financial aid opportunities.

We are also humbled to have half of the recipients here at CMHS, and one is the editor of the Medieval Times, Bailey Arkell. The other recipient is Senior Caroline Kinder. They both plan to major in Math Education.

These are just some of the stellar awards given to CMHS students, there were many more awarded.