Prom 2019

Hannah Tomes, Co-Editor

Prom was this past weekend and it drew in lots of students from Cabell Midland. The theme this year was Moroccan Sunset.

Prom is always a special event for juniors and seniors, and those who are juniors this year finally got to experience it for themselves. Junior Taylor Stevens says her favorite thing about prom is taking lots of pictures and hanging out with her friends.

“The thing I like most about prom is taking pictures and spending time with friends,” said Stevens.

Naturally there are some things people probably wish was different about prom, whether it’s the music, decorations, or maybe the theme.

“One thing I would change about prom is the type of music they play,” said Stevens.

Some people ask the question, is prom better than homecoming? Many people believe it is because it is a less energetic environment and is more laid back. Others prefer homecoming because they say it has more of a party atmosphere and is more fun.

“Personally I think prom is better than homecoming. It’s a lot more chill,” said Stevens.