Perks of Being Bilingual

Perks of Being Bilingual

Jordan Armstrong, Reporter

There are roughly about 6,600 spoken languages around the world, some more dominant than others. There are many perks about learning multiple languages that can improve your lifestyle drastically.

Recent research on bilingualism has found that speaking another language can improve your life in many ways. Being bilingual can provide new career opportunities, improve your personal life, and even lead to better health.

Knowing a second language makes your resume stand out and can boost you to the top of the interview list with potential employers.

Many companies have international offices, sell their products abroad, and have production facilities in other countries. These companies want to hire versatile employees who can speak other languages and navigate different cultural expectations.

Foreign language skills can be particularly beneficial if you’re interested in changing careers to a new and growing field.

Other fast-growing fields like travel and tourism, healthcare, and national security need employees with bilingual language skills and the ability to work across cultures.

Aside from improving your career prospects, speaking another language is just plain fun and can add great value to your personal life.

Speaking another language lets you interact with different people and understand the nuances of another culture. This means you might have more opportunities to make friends, explore different hobbies, and better understand pop culture.

Travel can also be cheaper and more rewarding when you speak the language of the country you’re visiting. You won’t be limited to staying in expensive foreigner hotels, eating at restaurants where the staff speaks English, or traveling with a tour group.

Even if you don’t travel abroad, becoming bilingual can help you see the world in a different way and understand yourself as well as other cultures better.