The Beach Boys

Danielle Hughes, staff reporter

Seven Fun facts about the Beach Boys:

Dennis Wilson, the drummer of Beach Boys, got married several times. His sixth wife was actually the illegitimate daughter of Mike Love, his band mate’s cousin.

Brain was deaf in one ear.

Denis and Mike totally hated each other. The hate ran so deep that a mutual restraining order was actually obtained in order to keep these two apart.

‘Beach Boys’ was not the first name of the band. They had names like Kenny and the Cadets, but changed it to Carl and the Passions, and then finally Pendletones. Then later they again changed it to Beach Lifestyle and at last, Beach Boys.

Though the name and famous albums of Beach Boys portray their Surfing love, only Dennis was able to actually surf.

The band was more of a family union. Brian, Carl, and Dennis were brothers. Mike was their cousin. Initially these four brothers started the band, but later on their friend Al Jardine joined them.

It is predicted that the Beach Boys will make a strong comeback soon. It is thought that the original 3 members of Beach Boys band are around 70 years of age, yet the world is enthusiastic over their comeback. Dennis died in 1983.