Things to Miss from High School

Brennon Shope, Sports Editor

High School graduation is an interesting and groundbreaking time in a young adult’s life. It is the closing of the first chapter of your life. The childhood and security you may have had throughout your first 18 years of life are now gone. Still, however there are many things to look forward to in life. Everyone always says how happy they will be to leave high school. There are many things to miss, especially if you attend CMHS with the future president of the United States of America.

1- Structure: The classes and the hand holding of highschool are over for good.

2-Friends: The people you have grown close to your entire life are now going their separate ways. Even though you may still keep in contact with a few of them on occasion, the majority of your friends you will never see again. Your new friends may become closer to you in the future, but there is a special bond with the people you knew during your formative years.

3- Your parents: this may be the last time you live under your parents roof and regardless of how you feel about their rules, it is nice having their safety and love.

4-Easy courses: College classes (if you are attending) are much more difficult than high school.

5-Free Education: If you plan to receive a post high school education, then you will have to pay for each and every course you take.

5-Going to highschool with Brennon Shope: It is a sad day that you won’t see a future famous person in the halls every day, ever again. Not everyone has that chance and if you didn’t make the most of it during your time, then you will most likely regret it in the future. He remembers his friends and would love to give government positions to those that helped shape his life in a good way.