Opinion – Technology & Communication


Jared Pullen

In this day and age that we are in, we are surrounded by different types of technology. Most if not all offer communication all around the world, but can this technology stop us from talking to family and friends as often.

It’s an argument we hear all the time from the older generation – “kids today always have their noses in their phones.”  Because of technology, we never stop and talk to strangers, friends, or family members. Is something like this actually true?

“Not really,” says senior Troy Adkins, “technology actually makes it easier for us to stay connected with others. Back in the past, we only knew where our friends were by seeing their bikes in someone’s driveway.”

Personally, I think that technology actually improves communication with friends and family. With my computer, I am able to chat with my friends on a daily basis, where I would never be able to do that in real life. As well as that, my phone allows me to keep in touch with my family, such as asking my mom to pick up some drinks in the case that we need some, or my mom contacting me asking where I’m at.