Opinion – Meals


Jared Pullen

There’s always a good question to ask when you’re hungry – home cooked or go out to eat?

There are a few people who have a hard time choosing between a home cooked meal and a meal cooked by a restaurant. One side loves the process of making the food, while the other just wants something quick to eat. Which, however is the better of the two?

“I personally like home cooked meals. ” says senior Troy Adkins. “It just tastes better, and feels like there was a bit more love put into it.”

Personally, I think it just depends on how I feel that day. If I just want something to eat, I would probably order or head out to eat at the restaurant, fill myself up while paying just a bit of money. On the other hand, if I feel like I have the time and patience to make something, then I could. As well as that, making food at home is healthier than going out to eat.