Opinion – Learning

Opinion - Learning

Jared Pullen

Which could be the best way to learn a subject: through learning from an experienced teacher, or teaching yourself through the internet?

There are those who argue that we don’t need schools, that we could all learn subjects ourselves with the internet. Yet, this would also be saying that we don’t need those who went out and learned a subject just to teach it to others. Should we need teachers, or can we learn things through experience on our own time?

“Honestly, if the teacher is good, then I’d go with the teacher, ” says senior Troy Adkins. “Although, learning on a computer isn’t really that effective, and I know this from personal experience.”

Personally, there is a handful of subjects that you could learn on your own time. Everything else, I would think that it would be way better to have a teacher around to teach and guide you through material. I learned coding myself, without much teacher guidance. Subjects such as math, history, and science I would definitely need a teacher there to help me.