Finals Week

Hannah Tomes, Co-Editor

The seniors have already completed their finals for the year but as for everyone else finals start this Friday, which means the next week is going to be filled with stress and last minute cramming.

Finals week is a time students dread every year, especially if theirs actually count. The schedule for this semester’s finals is 7 mod this Friday, 3 and 4 mod next Tuesday, 5 and 6 mod next Wednesday, and 1 and 2 mod next Thursday. Next Friday is also going to be a make up day for anyone who was absent during one of these days.

Students who have AP classes for any of these mods have already gotten their finals out of the way so they won’t have to worry about that anymore. The best advice is to just study and not worry too much about next week, because after it’s over it will finally be summer break.