Endangered and Extinct Species Part 1

Endangered and Extinct Species Part 1

Morgan Nelson, staff reporter

Over the course of the last sixty-six million years there have been a Jurassic change in species, adaption. Most species adapted over the years while others couldn’t quite adapt like those who did and them ending up becoming extinct (of a species, family, or other larger group, having no living members/no longer in existence) or endangered (of a species, seriously at risk of extinction).

There are thousands, probably hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of species that’s numbers are dropping and getting close to being labeled endangered and extinct. Some that are endangered are Amur Leopard, Asian Elephant, Hawksbill Turtle, Malayan Tiger, and the Sei Whale. The Amur Leopard is critically endangered, there is an estimated sixty left in the world. The Asian Elephant is labeled as endangered, there are about forty thousand to fifty thousand left on the planet.

The Hawksbill Turtle is critically endangered and there is only about ten thousand left in the world. It might seem like a lot but it really is not compared to other species that are in the millions and maybe even billions. The Malayan Tiger is critically endangered with only about five hundred left.

The Sei Whale, the last of the endangered species that are going to be discussed, is on the line of being endangered and there are about eighty thousand left in the world. It might seem like a lot but if you compare that to those who are hunting and killing them then the numbers can and will drop dramatically.