School Activities

Danielle Hughes, Staff Reporter

There is so many things to do for school activities. Countless of things that you can do next year and in the summer. There is many school activities to do like color guard after school, they mess around and do performances with flags, you can also volunteer after school for many other things, like helping with the green house. Band also has practice over the summer. It would be a fun time and help you stay active over the summer. During school, next year you can also audition for show choir, (both boys and girls can join) the also offer dance class and regular choir. If you like making stuff you can also join a pottery class and cooking class. (perhaps called home ech, depends who you ask) They also have news paper if you’re interested in being on screen and performing in front of a camera, of if you like being behind screen you can always help write the script. However though if you do enjoy being on screen and you want a piece of the action you do have a chance of being on the school news that most teachers broadcast every day in their class. (with the small acceptation of a few) The KMYC News is what we call it. If you have a nack for stories and just in general love writing them then journalism would be the perfect elective or class for you. They do sometimes help with designs with stuff like t-shirts like we did this year for the tailgate event. As you can see we have many fun things to do here, at the castle.