30-Worst Baby Names


Tessa Spurlock, reporter

30 worst baby names

I’m hoping not to many high school students are having to think about picking out baby names but it is always funny to know some of the weirdest baby names, that people actually name their poor child.

Combination names have never been a good idea. If there is punctuation in the name, it’s probably not a good idea. And if there is more than 10 ways to spell the name it’s probably not a good name, also don’t change the spelling just to make it look cool. Naming a child is not like naming a dog.

  1. Ajax
  2. Ahmiracle
  3. I’munique
  4. Elizabreth
  5. Aliviyah
  6. Nevaeh
  7. Beberly
  8. Sweetheart
  9. Abcde
  10. Merica
  11. Jerica
  12. Devil
  13. Kaizyle
  14. Orgasm
  15. North West
  16. Appaloosa
  17. Panthy
  18. Reighleigh
  19. Star
  20. Vejonica
  21. Heaven Lee
  22. L’Oreal
  23. Derfla
  24. Phelony
  25. Tu Morrow
  26. Moxie
  27. Abstinence
  28. Fifi
  29. Trixie
  30. Apple