Blue Macaw; Extinct in the Wild.


Summer Boling, Reporter

The blue macaw, or the Spix Macaw has officially became extinct outside of containment. While this doesn’t mean complete extinction it does mean that the population is left to the 60 to 80 macaws still left in containment.

This extinction, like many other birds native to Brazil, has been pushed to endangerment by deforestation, a practice pushed solely because multiple companies refuse to move to cleaner alternatives. This extinction also marked a dark turning point for Brazil’s natural world, as this is the first recorded time that extinctions are outpacing the islands that stretch across the coast of Brazil.

This should stand as a sign that practices need to change in corporate world, as we only have one world, it isn’t doing any good to pervert the resources we have left. It’s important to move away from deforestation, not only for the sake of birds, but also for the world we call home.