Endangered and Extinct Species Part 2

Endangered and Extinct Species Part 2

Morgan Nelson, Staff Reporter

Over the course of the last sixty-six million years there have been a Jurassic change in species, adaption. Most species adapted over the years while others couldn’t quite adapt like those who did and them ending up becoming extinct (of a species, family, or other larger group, having no living members/no longer in existence) or endangered (of a species, seriously at risk of extinction).

Some are on the verge of becoming endangered and extinct. There are thousands, hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of species that have had their numbers declining for quite some time and some of those have literally dropped right down to extinction. Extinction of species can make a huge impact on other species that might depend on those who went extinct. Maybe those who depended solely on those would start to decline and even become endangered or to the point of extinction.

Some species that are extinct are The West African Black Rhinoceros, Baiji White Dolphin, Pyrenean Ibex, and the Tasmanian Tiger. The West African Black Rhinoceros were poached until they went extinct due to their ‘medicinal horns. The Baiji Dolphin was declared extinct in two thousand and two and their numbers started to decline in the nineteen fifties.

The Pyrenean Ibex was originally thought be have around fifty-thousand in numbers but they had dropped to one hundred by the nineteen hundreds and then went extinct and scientists and others don’t exactly know why they went extinct. The Tasmanian Tiger was a large carnivorous mammal and it was hunted to extinction that was encouraged by bounties put out on them.