Midland mourns one of their own


Cheryl Warden

Matthew Warden was a special, well-liked person.

Jesten Richardson, Staff Reporter

Over the years there have been many outstanding students at Cabell Midland High School, and Matthew Warden definitely fits the description of a very special CMHS student.
During his two years at Cabell Midland High School, Matthew Warden improved the lives of many students.
“I wouldn’t have made it through sophomore year without him,” said junior Andrew McCloud. “He helped me out a lot.”
Although there were many, one of Matthew Warden’s most admired qualities was his constant helpfulness.
“He would do anything for anybody,” said mother Cheryl Warden. “He would give out homework help, sit with people at lunch that needed a friend, and even stand up to bullies if they bothered anyone that he knew.”
Matthew Warden never let unhappiness disrupt the lives of fellow students if he could help it.
“Matt was always fun in band and could always find a way to laugh at something,” said senior Devin Ames. “He could always make people smile and make a hard day happy.”
The virtuousness of Matthew Warden’s personality was a wonder to students and teachers alike.
“He was a very mild-mannered young man that never said anything rude, always showed dedication and had one hundred percent attendance in the band,” said band director Tim James. “He was always trustworthy and hardworking.”
According to his fellow students, band was only one of the many interests that Matthew Warden dedicated himself to.
“I’m not very good at standing up for myself with bullies,” said McCloud. “Matt would help me with bullying as eagerly as he helped me with math.”
As Cheryl Warden and several other people that knew him recall, it wasn’t only friends that Matthew Warden acted as a hero towards and cared about.
“At the funeral, I found that he had been dealing with bullies because a lot of kids came up to me about him,” said Cheryl Warden. “Most of them said that he had helped them in one way or another.”
Matthew Warden’s persistence in making the world a better place definitely didn’t go unnoticed.
“This young man was a great loss to the band, to the community and to all his peers,” said James.