Differences and Similarities of High Schools in the District



Though Cabell Midland and Huntington High have an intense rivalry, the schools are not as different as one may expect.

Shelly French, Staff Reporter

Schools all over the world are different in their own little ways, but more similarities exist than differences.
“The only differences I know about are the classes,” said Spring Valley senior Cassidy Sullivan. “We don’t call them mods like Midland does. They’re just called periods to us. I also think all schools have the same education with a little slack every now and then.”
According to Huntington high junior Kate O’Donnell, she thinks there are actually a lot more differences.
“I think we’re less strict than Midland and Spring Valley,” said O’Donnell. “We also all have very good sports teams which makes things interesting at all the different games.”
Differences and similarities are opinionated in many ways, but Midland junior Jill Gue said that’s what makes things interesting.
“Every person has a right to be different and it seems like people with the same personalities go to the same school,” said Gue. “It makes it fun for everyone and interesting all the time.”
Schools have unique traditions and competitions between their local rivals, which can be a good or bad.
“I don’t think Spring Valley really has any serious rivals,” said Sullivan. “We’re okay with all of the schools and I think they are with us, too. We’re kind of neutral in a way, but we’ll joke around with other schools and it motivates people. ”
Even though Spring Valley doesn’t have any rivals, there are still other schools locally that do and enjoy it very much.
“Huntington High and Cabell Midland have a huge rivalry with football,” said O’Donnell. “I don’t really understand it but it’s fun to go to the game and have fun with everyone.”
Despite the rivalries, each school comes together knowing about their differences and decides to look past it all.