Are School Buses Safe for Students?


Jeffrey Jezewski, Reporter

School Buses, the transport vehicle that takes your child to school. School buses offer many safety features like many fire exits, first aid kits, and a supposedly safe ride to school for your kid.

Sophomore Mason Mcallister says “School buses are big and safe almost like a tank just with wheels on and if you get into a wreck the bus wouldn’t be taking too much damage because of the size of it.”

Freshman Emily Rice says “School buses should offer seat belts for more safety because I’m scared of flying out a window during a wreck or even when the bus driver steps on the brake too hard.”

Sophomore Seth Church makes a great point stating that “The school buses go way too fast and even run red lights sometimes. I was  part of a wreck last year and the bus was going too fast and that is why we got into a wreck.”

School buses are safe in a way. They’re big and yellow and also have flashing lights, but are dangerous in ways too. They have no seatbelts and students say the bus is going way too fast for comfort. The bus should be a safe and comfortable ride for students. I think that schools should take more caution about how their students are getting to school and back.