Most Dangerous Animals

Most Dangerous Animals

Morgan Nelson, Reporter

There are millions of animal species around the world and some are extremely dangerous.

Mosquitos are by far the most well-known and rapidly disease spreading insects alive. They can multiply quickly and spread harmful (sometimes deadly) viruses.

Bears can also be dangerous because they attack and can kill you. Grizzlies are a well known breed of bear and are just as dangerous as all the other breeds of bears.

“I think grizzly bears are the most dangerous animal in the world because they are huge and they’re out here killing people,” said senior Whitney Herrera. “If those things moved or migrated, then I’d pack all of my stuff and move somewhere else.”

“I would probably set some bear traps and have a petition to have them transferred far away from me if I were to move to an area where they live,” said Herrera. “I think there are about ten thousand that are left and I think that is a lot, but some people might not think that. The number is sort of small but I don’t think they would be considered endangered.”

“I think that sharks are a really dangerous animal,” says senior Meredith Mears. “If sharks became land animals, then I would keep a watch out for them and research them so I could get away from them.”

In this world, you have to be careful of certain things like animals and plants and other dangers.