Horse Breeds


Whitney Herrera, Reporter

There are hundreds of different horse breeds all across the globe. Some of the breeds include: American trotter, Clydesdale, Appaloosa, and American quarter horse. These are some of the most popular horse breeds that are owned throughout the country.

It amazes people how strong and beautiful these animals really are and how they are loved by many. These magnificent animals are well trained, but some are wild and free to run about like the spiritual animals they are.

“A mustang is the type of breed that I would consider having,” said senior Morgan Nelson.

As said, mustangs are both wild and tamed. Most of them roam the hot and scorching Arizona deserts. They come in many colors, but black is the most common. Would wild horses be considered endangered? Do they cause injuries?

“No, you don’t hear a lot of horse related incidents,” said Nelson, which is true even to this day. “There’s tons of illnesses out in the open which could hurt the population. Although fair, it is highly doubtful they’ll ever be endangered unless poaching continues.”

What horse breed do you consider the most common?

“An American quarter horse,” said senior Amber Mount. Quarter horses are used for a special kind of riding, similar to their cousin the American thoroughbred.

“One of the rarest is a German forest horse,” said Mount, which could be true considering not many people have owned one or have seen one – even in the open grass.

People might mistake horses for being dangerous but there are tons of breeds that are magnificent. Many horse breeds around the globe are still flourishing. Populations are increasing and there are more horses to own and take care of. Most breeds can be expensive, especially based on the looks of the horse and how much money people would pay to be in championships for races and designer horses. Horses are a world favorite and there are many breeds to choose from, so whether having a friend or just something to keep you busy, look at the horse breeds first.