November Teacher of the Issue: James Baker


Shelly French

History teacher James Baker is a favorite of several students.

Shelly French, Staff Reporter

Teaching is an honorable talent that few people in the world are able to successfully accomplish; however, at Cabell Midland the students are subject to an incredibly talented teaching staff.
In this issue, The Medieval Times newspaper staff as well as other students would like to recognize history teacher James Baker as the Teacher of the Issue.
“It’s certainly an honor to be selected as ‘Teacher of the Issue’,” said Baker. “Although, I would rather see the space reserved for a far superior teacher, I am certainly grateful.”
Many students agree that Baker is a great teacher, who is easy to get along with.
“I love his class,” said junior Shelby Ferrell. “I love how easy it is to get along with him. The environment in his class is laid back; he has a lot of interesting things hanging up around his room. My favorites are the beard posters. They match his personality; they are really funny, like him.”
Even if a student has not had Baker as a teacher, according to junior Carley Bledsoe, they should all agree his beard is cool.
“His beard is pretty epic,” said Bledsoe. “It makes him like President Lincoln, who had a nice beard as well. In addition to his beard, Mr. Baker makes me laugh. His class last year wasn’t too hard because he was laid back. He came up with some of the coolest projects.”
Baker agrees that beards are epic, and said his beard is his pride and joy.
“Maybe I was picked because I have a beard,” said Baker. “Beards are cool. Abraham Lincoln had a beard, and people are still writing about him.”
According to junior Nathan Fife, Baker teaches his students in every way.
“He knows not everyone learns the same,” said Fife. “He’s aware of the different speeds people learn. He also tries to do hands-on activities, as well as things such as reading aloud. It makes his class easier, and it helps adapt to the different learning styles. He’s very unique because not all teachers do that. It is definitely something that I admire him for.”