Section B Added to Second Lunch

Dean Neal, Reporter

Last week, Cabell Midland switched some of their students’ lunch times. Some of the changes included switching section B to second lunch. The bell schedule that has remained the same since the school’s opening changed this week to accommodate the size of the lunch lines.

“I think the new lunch schedule will take some time to get used to,” said journalism teacher Chrisa Hayes. “The students need to realize that it’s all about getting every student fed and ready for the next mod to start.”

Although some people see the change as a positive move, others remain skeptical and wish it never happened. Students seem hesitant to accept the new policy due to losing lunch time with their friends.

“There are barely any seats by the time you wait in the lunch room,” said freshman Isabelle Loudermilk.

Even though some students were frustrated about the move some welcome the change.

“Well, I think it was good that the administration was trying to find some solutions to the over crowding issue during 1st lunch,” said junior Lena Dean.

Overall, this has been a move for Cabell Midland that has good and bad effects. This has made students get their lunch quicker and not be as crowded to get to their next mod.