Best Classes to Take at Midland

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Meredith Mears , Staff Reporter

The beginning of the year is always a hard time to find the best classes that suit your needs at Midland. There are so many classes to take it can be difficult to find which ones are beneficial.

My strategy is to find the most ideal classes. Every student is bound to have a favorite class through their schooling here at the castle and Allie Adkins isn’t any different.

“Early Childhood Education is my favorite class I’ve taken here at Midland because it relates to my career and keeps me interested,” said senior Allie Adkins.

Some people look forward to their electives and others look forward to their core classes. “AP Psychology is my favorite class because it makes me feel crazy about what we are learning,” said junior Mollie Stevenson.

For some students finding the right level of difficulty for each class can be strenuous. Fortunately, Cabell Midland offers a variety of AP, Honors, and Dual Credit classes for students who want to step up their difficulty in each course. Hattie Colgrove feels mixed about honors courses.

“Honors classes are okay if you want to get away from working at a slower pace, but they aren’t okay if you aren’t into working at a fast pace and honors classes don’t raise your gpa a whole lot to take the risk,” said sophomore Hattie Colgrove. For some students taking general education classes fits their academic level better than AP or Dual Credit.

Although Stevenson takes AP and Honors classes, as a whole she only recommends high level classes to certain students. “You have to be able to handle them and only a few people can handle them,” said Stevenson.

Teachers can also make or break a class. Teachers also help us with situations that lie outside of the classroom. Overall teachers can make an impact on us. “Mr. Dick has helped me a lot; he has helped me with finding out what I want to do with my career,” said Adkins. Some teachers teach so well they make even hard classes like math seem easy. “Mrs. Taylor’s teaching made me retain the information very easily in Honors Geometry.”

There are some classes students have wanted to take, but were too afraid of the homework or level of difficulty. “I was too scared to take Spanish 3,” said Stevenson.

There are some classes that help us prepare for college, the workplace, or basic skills that are beneficial to all students. “Students who want to go into broadcasting will benefit from mass communications because this class sets you up for the work place,” said Colgrove.

Mass communications isn’t the only academy based class that students are recommending; Early Childhood Education is quite popular as well. “Early Childhood Education helps students learn valuable skills about becoming teachers or learning about children in general,” said Adkins. Other useful classes to consider are American Sign Language and Choir. “American Sign Language shows you a new language and culture, and choir is fun and we are always looking for new people.”