Earth Has 18 Months Left Says BBC

Hattie Colegrove, Reporter

BBC posted an article claiming the Earth has 18 months left due to global warming. Some students are excited to know what will really happen.

“I’m anxious to know the outcome,” said sophomore Lily Bass. “Everyone has this idea of global warming ending the Earth, and to be honest the results are showing. Our winter is warmer, little to no snow, hot and humid summers, etc.,” Bass pointed out.

The urge to improve the quality of the Earth is also imperative to students. Worry that our future and time on the planet is running out has given perspective to students for the better. There are little steps you can do to help prolong the life expectancy.

“I will recycle more, limit automobile usage, and invest in reusable shopping bags,” Bass also claimed. Of course, many wonder if global warming exists, and if it will truly take place soon.

Certain people believe humankind is responsible for the damage and condition of the present Earth.

“When we (people) do nothing to improve the Earth, we take another step toward severe conditions,” Bass also said. “If every human would switch to reusable bags and pick up some trash on the street, plant more trees, anything small that helps in the long run.”

Students have hope for the future in celebrities/important figures who can make a change.

“Environmentalists and activists are currently researching each day to learn more about nature and ways to help,” Bass believes. “People like Leonardo DiCaprio are being helpful when they put their money into all of these organizations as well.”

No matter our opinion on the Earth, learning to take care of it will be the path to survival. Although it seems unlikely to occur, we should do our best to preserve the planet.