Debating School Start Times

Debating School Start Times

Lauren Carroll , Reporter

According to, the average teenager needs 9-9 1/2 hours of sleep each night to function correctly. Their academic performance, statistically, improves as the amount of sleep they get rises.

Many people believe that high school test scores would dramatically improve if they moved the school start times back, thus increasing the amount of sleep each teen student would get each night.

“I never sleep because I balance work, school, and cheerleading everyday,” said senior, Kylie Smith. “I feel like I never have enough time to sleep and that I’m always physically exhausted.” Kylie maintains good grades throughout all of this, but believes that it would tremendously easier on her if she would have more time to sleep in the mornings.

To conclude, changing the school start times would improve the environment of the school and improve student test scores as the process goes on.