NF Song Review

Makayla Smith, Reporter

“How Could You Leave Us” by NF is a fantastic song.

NF is a very talented singer and keeps his songs close to his heart. He’s an open book and not afraid to be himself and show emotions in his music. He is a Christian artist and has dealt with a lot of drama and loss in his life. NF came a long way from being a kid to opening so many hearts in the world.

In this song, he talks about his mom and how she was never around and she died from an overdose. A lot of people can relate to him as they lost their parents and everything they loved and were forced to live a life they didn’t want to live.

“Welcome to the bottom of hell, they say pain is a prison let me out of my cell” is a part in the song where he opens up to his fans. He shows weakness and how it felt to be him. His music is open and you could jump into his shoes to feel how he feels.

“Music is the only place that I can go to speak to you. Took everything inside me not to scream at your funeral, sitting in my chair that person talking was pitiful. I wish you were here mama, but everytime I picture you, all I feel is pain I hate the way I remember you.” He pours his heart out in this verse, in fact, he did in the whole song.

I consider NF fearless because of his music and maybe you will too.