The Amazon Rainforest Fire

Amber Mount, Reporter

The Amazon rainforest has been on fire for two weeks now and nobody has been talking about it. I asked a few people about this tragedy to see if anyone has heard anything.

“I have heard of the Amazon fires through multiple social media posts from a lot of people,” said senior McKenna King. “I haven’t heard a thing about it on the news. ”

“I heard about it on Instagram,” said senior Brianna Toler.

As you can see, news pages have not been talking about this big issue, only social media accounts. These fires have not been small ethier. It’s been reported that the fire has gotten so big that you can see the smoke from space. The fact that nobody is talking about this tragedy is a real issue. The fact that big news reporters have not been talking about this strikes me as very odd.

“I think it’s very odd that the media has been very quiet about it. It’s suspicious,” said King.

“I think it is odd that a lot of other fires and disasters have been covered in detail but not this one. The news needs to take this tragedy more serious and tell us how this is happening before it’s too late,” said Toler.

Some people believe that this fire is not a big deal for our world, but I think the exact opposite. The Amazon Rainforest makes up at least 20%  of our world’s oxygen. We need this rainforest and we are losing it fast.

“I think [rainforests] are a big deal. A lot of things are being lost including animals and plants that could be used for different things,” said Toler.

King believed the same thing and said “I think [rainforests] are a huge deal. We don’t have a large amount of Amazon and we don’t need what we have burning down. I think we should be working hard to stop it.” The lives of millions of animals are dying and we are losing a huge chunk of our oxygen.

In the end, our world is dying. We have constant fires and the extinction of animals is at an alarming rate. This is just one of the big ones that I believe needs to be talked about. If we don’t try to change our ways and do it fast, we aren’t going to have much of a world to save.