New Year, New Seniors


Kaden Salmons, Editor

As Summer ’19 quickly slips away from the grip of many students, the 2019-2020 school year is in full swing to bring in a wave of new seniors.

When becoming a senior, the feeling of disbelief is very common among many students due to the fact that high school has “flown by.” More often than not, the oldest in the school feel like they haven’t been in high school that long.

Senior Kailey Grueser says, “I honestly can’t believe how fast my first three years here at Midland went by. I mean I blinked and now I’m taking senior pictures and looking at colleges.”

Although the years have gone by way too fast, it means that these new seniors are the oldest in the school and have big shoes to fill. As a senior, you have had your moments of glory in your underclassmen days. However, those days are over.

“It feels so different being the oldest group in the school. I also feel like my grades matter more than previous years,” says Grueser.

With the fact that seniors are the oldest class in high school, there also comes the responsibility of setting an example for those underclassmen. This could range from acting appropriately walking down the halls to having the most school spirit on friday nights. No matter what you do as a senior, there will always be someone younger watching and adapting to those actions.

Senior Rachael Swanson said, “I’m excited to set an example for the younger people in our school”

Senior Ella Wilburn also said, “Friday night lights are one of the highlights of the year, and we need to set an example for the underclassmen so they will dress up for the football game themes with us too.”

So as this new wave of seniors walk the halls for one final year, let’s make the best out of this 2019-2020 school year.