Victoria Harris

Whitney Herrera, Reporter

Victoria Harris, Cabell Midland senior and one of my best friends whom I’ve known since middle school. She is definitely someone who you can turn to and someone who you can tell important things to without the judgmental responses or criticism.  I’m lucky to have become friends with her because she’s been through so much with me throughout the years and I can’t thank her enough.

She’s been through most of my drama with me and it means a lot to know she’s down for anything and everything. How we met, I really don’t remember but pretty sure other people introduced us and we became close like nothing else. I’ve been keeping it real with her and she gives me the same respect. From boys to personal problems, it’s crazy how real of a person she is. She hasn’t ever switched on me, not once and I appreciate her a lot.

Not to mention she lets me copy some of her work if we’re in the same classes and I forgot to do the work or just don’t feel like doing it. Sounds like I’m a bad friend, but I’m just lazy and you can ask her.

I just can’t thank her enough for listening to me ramble about stuff that’s irrelevant. She’s dealt with me the most and that’s why she’s one of my bests friends. Whenever you need someone, she’s the one to go to.