Top 8 Events To Attend Throughout High School

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Meredith Mears , Reporter

Cabell Midland offers several activities and events to their student body; sports from football to archery and even clubs like FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes). There is something for everyone here at the castle and some events occur during the school day like electives or the career academies.

As a senior, I regret not joining as many clubs or attending after school events as I could have. You only go through high school once, so make the memories while you can! Here are the top eight events to attend or try during you high school career here at CMHS:

1.) Football Games – Football games are a fun way to support the school’s football team, hang out with friends, eat some food, and watch a good game. Football games allow you to show your school spirit and dress up in fun themed outfits that change weekly. I personally regret not going to enough football games and have definitely missed out on the fun.

2.) School Dances – School dances are a fun way to meet up with your school friends to just have fun and dance. It’s also fun to dress up in fancy clothes, go out for a nice meal, and come to the school to dance.

3.) Medieval Games – The Medieval Games occur during the week of homecoming. This gives the chance for students from different classes to compete against each other. The games range from powder-puff football to eating contests. I recommend trying to compete at least one time before you graduate. There is also a parade featuring our homecoming court and candy for the spectators!

4.) Science Olympiad – If you are into STEM activities or have an interest in them, this club is for you. In this club, you prepare all year to compete in the science olympics with all different categories like “Mission Impossible” orĀ  “Write It Do It” Last year, this club did so well they went to nationals at Cornell University!

5.) Music or Band Classes – Midland offers a variety of music courses like Rhythm in Red Show Choir, Collegium Musicum, orchestra, and the Marching Knights; all have after school activities from time to time. They are always looking for new members! If you feel like you don’t have enough time in your schedule for afterschool activities, choir, dance, or guitar are great alternatives.

6.) Student Council – Student council gives you the opportunity to have a voice for our school! They have weekly meetings and help set up for school dances too. They also put on talent shows and pep rallies. Don’t worry if you don’t get in your first year, keep trying and I’m sure you will get in soon.

7.) Senior Skip Day and Color Day – Senior skip day is a right of passage for seniors. It’s a tradition. Plus who doesn’t want a day off from school? Most seniors are doing it, so you can’t be missing too much in your classes, right? It’s only one day too! Color Day is another fun senior activity towards the end of the year. Seniors dress up in the colors they choose as a class for graduation and have a group senior picture, breakfast, and an assembly in the auditorium to celebrate.

8.) Key Club – Key Club is a club that is all about helping the school and community. They work throughout the year to help others with service acts. One year, they made pillows in the shape of a heart to give to patients who had heart surgeries. They also help our food pantry by having can food drives. Everyone needs ten hours of community service, so you might as well get it here in Key Club!