Do Video Games Cause Violence?

Do Video Games Cause Violence?

Dylan Maynard, Reporter

People seem to believe that video games cause violence but this is not only an incredibly unreasonable thought, it can easily be proven wrong. Many studies show no correlation between video games and violence. On one hand, people believe that it’s true because people have played video games in the past, but there are no facts to prove that video games cause violence.

On ABC, in the wake of the Christchurch terrorist attack, Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton called for further discussion of a link between video games and violence.  This call is ignorant to the fact that the impacts of games on real-life behavior have been discussed and analysed for more than 20 years, especially following mass shootings.

In the early days, “evidence” regarding violent video games was sent out to the world with little criticism. But this isn’t the early days anymore, and just like the old-school arguments against rock music or indecent acts on television, the “proof” showing a causal link between violent games and real-life aggression or violence has been dismantled.

To think that video games cause young adults or children to have violent tendencies is just hard to believe. If the media heard that a school shooter had played any video game ever, the first thing they they would say is that playing  playing video games is the cause of the violent act.