Junior Abbie Lively Feature


Hattie Colegrove , Reporter

Learning about your peers is fun, and getting a glimpse into their lives is very interesting. Junior Abbie Lively balances her time between school, work, and home life every day.

“I love to watch musicals in my free time because they are fun,” said Lively. “I play with my dog, who is the love of my life, and I read often.” Many people also enjoy these activities while being a little bored. Many invest in a challenging hobby outside of school as well.

“I take dance classes in Ripley,” Lively says. “I also enjoy knitting, it’s kind of hard, though.”

When it comes to interests, a lot of people think about food, one of the most important resources for our bodies. It definitely has many varieties, and finding your favourite food can be difficult, but most people have their preferences. “I like dishes with chicken, vegetables, fruits, grains, all the healthy components of the food triangle.” Lively shared.

Lots of people go out of their comfort zones, but if you find your thing there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Abbie Lively also speaks about school, one of the most time consuming activities in a teenager’s life. “I actually do like school,” Lively also says. “I’m in show choir, it’s fun, it’s nice to be part of something bigger than you.”

Aside from school, when having a job, you have to focus on time management. “I do have a job, I try to get to bed before one A.M., but it doesn’t always happen,” Lively jokes. “I’m usually up late studying. I make good grades, all A’s and B’s.” For many people this is the daily life.

Being able to productively switch activities and handle so much at once is an important life skill. Admiring and learning from those who do this will prepare us for success, so next time you see a friend, tell them they are doing a great job.