Joshua Maxey

Lauren Carroll , Reporter

Joshua Maxey is one of the most interesting and hard working 17-years-olds I have ever met.

To start off, he has two different colored eyes which make him stand. His left eye is brown and his right eye is a green/hazel color.

Josh has a 4.5 grade point average and he used to run cross country, track, and even during the off season. He had to postpone his running career because, “It got hard to keep up with running and school.” How does he keep his grades so high? His advice to you, is to “Just go to class and do what you have to do. Get homework done on time, and just simply pay attention.”

Josh advises other students to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep to be able to maintain determination and focus throughout the school day. His favorite subject in school is chemistry, but he loves all types of science. However, his least favorite subject is English due to his lack of interest in writing. He plans on pursuing a career within the science field.

Joshua Maxey is a prime example of what a Cabell Midland student should try to be like.