Two Teachers Find Happily Ever After Through School


Jessica Bowers

Don Pennington and Jessica Bowers have announced they will be married on May 16, 2015.

Shelly French, Staff Reporter

All over the world, people meet each other and end up falling hopelessly in love. And now, two teachers right here at Cabell Midland had the exact same thing happen to them.
In 2009, student math teacher Jessica Bowers was at Marshall University where she met soon to be engineering teacher Don Pennington.
“I met him in Dr. Isaac’s class at Marshall where we had to take education classes to teach,” said Bowers.
They were dating other people at the time, but when Pennington found out that Bowers liked Chick-fil-a it was the start of a new romance.
“He actually caught my interest when he kept bringing me sweet tea from Chick-fil-a,” said Bowers. “So I decided to give him a chance, and it worked out.”
Despite the many different ways to propose to someone, Pennington and Bowers seemed to get the perfect combination of sweet and funny.
“Well, I was mowing my grass, listening to my iPod and then I started listening to ‘If You Like it Then Put A Ring on It’ so that’s how that went,” said Pennington.
When Bowers got home that day from a jog, Pennington had pizza ready for her and was willing to watch any movie she picked. If only things turned out better in the movie choice.
“I picked a movie about AID’s and he kept trying to change the subject, but I just kept going back to ranting about how awful it is,” said Bowers.
Pennington then got down on one knee and proposed to Bowers, much to her delight.
“I wasn’t expecting it and I felt awful that I kept talking about AID’s,” said Bowers.
Now that the proposal is over, it is time for the wedding plans. Pennington said it is going to be quite different, but Bowers insisted on it.
“All the bridesmaids are going to have 80s hair-do, and it’s going to be a big 80s theme with everyone dressed up,” said Pennington.