August Book Review: The American Girl

The American Girl by Kate Horsley

The American Girl by Kate Horsley

Elizabeth Simmons, Editor

The American Girl by Kate Horsley is a novel about two main characters: Molly Swift and Quinn Perkins.

Molly is a journalist for a newspaper that rarely has a big break, but she takes her chance to go after the biggest break they’ve had yet: Quinn Perkins.

Quinn is a foreign exchange student from America, living in France with the Blavette family at an old schoolhouse. However, something horrible and mysterious has happened to her. She was found by a tourist couple in the woods, bleeding, crying, and on the verge of death. In the hospital, she remains in a coma for days until she wakes up to “aunt” Molly Swift playing her music from her IPod.

Molly thinks it’s all over once Quinn wakes up… with amnesia.

The book features a new perspective each chapter, switching from Molly to Quinn consistently, reflecting on the life Quinn was living prior to the accident and disappearance of the Blavette family and the current time where Molly is panicking about Quinn finding out the truth.

While including a few profanities, the book focuses more on the aspect of Quinn recovering under Molly’s careless care and the life Quinn was leading prior to the accident.

The pair make a couple of intriguing protagonists and the book keeps and aspect of “who done it?” with the mystery behind Quinn’s accident to begin with.