Featuring: Football Game Themes

Featuring: Football Game Themes

Morgan Nelson, Reporter

Every year when football season starts, people race to get a good seat so they can watch the game, but doesn’t that get old? So a new way to get football games more exciting is themes. Themes are a great way to make just about anything fun.

The first football game theme was a Frat Theme at St. Albans on the thirtieth of august. A good outfit would be some shorts with hat on backwards, some sunglasses, long socks with slides or tennis shoes and a button down shirt over top of a white t-shirt.

The second football game theme is a Beach Theme at home which is this Friday the sixth of September against Parkersburg. A good outfit for this one would probably be something relating to the ocean like for example Larry the Lobster from SpongeBob.

The third theme is a USA Theme at Valley on the thirteenth of September. Another good outfit would be dressing head to toe in clothes that have an American flag print.

The fifth football game theme is a Space Theme at home on the twentieth of September against Hurricane. A good outfit for the space theme would be an alien, astronaut, and even a planet or star itself.

The next game is on the twenty seventh of September at home and the theme is a Neon Theme. A good outfit would probably be something like neon socks with a matching shirt and maybe even a neon wig.

“I think that the neon theme seems like the best or most fun theme to me,” said senior, Whitney Herrera. There are many more fun themes for the football games that are and can be hilarious too because of people’s costumes.