Andrew Luck


Kaden Salmons, Editor

As the 2019-2020 National Football League approaches, Colts’ quarterback Andrew Luck has announced his retirement at the age of twenty-nine after a pre-season game. He was booed by his own fans as he walked off of the field for the last time, and they were not happy with his decision. After giving the Colts seven great seasons of everything he had, he ultimately made the choice to ‘hang up the hat’ due to his many injuries that prevented him from playing.

There were many mixed emotions that came along with Luck’s decision, but the majority of people were enraged or sad that he decided to retire.

Sophomore Dean Neal says, “It’s kind of sad this happened because he didn’t get to play that much and he was always hurt.”

Although retirement seems like it is permanent, this is not always the case. With this said, there have many instances where players believe they are able to return to the league they played in and are confident they can make a difference on that team.

“I think he will return to the NFL after this season because he will be fully healed and will miss football altogether.” says Neal.

Andrew Luck was a great player and was faithful to his team; he should not have been treated poorly due to one of the biggest and hardest decisions he has made in his life.