September Horoscopes

Maddy Price , Reporter

Aquarius, be ready for this month! Whether it be with school, a sport, or at work, success is in the near future.

Pisces, this month love is in the air! Your new boo could be where you least expect it.

Aries, you’re in luck because this is your month to shine! In August things may have been a little rough with school starting, but this month will be a time to relax.

Taurus’ really need to focus on their health this month. That could go for mental health as well as physical. Remember that it is ok to put yourself first.

Geminis tend to be slackers which leads to huge amounts of stress. This month you need to buckle down and get an A+ on that test.

Cancer, this month is all about self love. Remember that you can’t love someone if you hate yourself. Work on confidence for better upcoming months.

Leos will be going through a rough patch this month, sadly. Cutting toxic things out of your life is what will get you out of this funk.

Virgo, remember to keep your eyes on the prize! This month will be filled with crazy distractions but make time for the people that truly matter.

Libra, this month is going to be filled with change. Be accepting and know that great things are in the works.

Scorpios need to keep in mind to be patient. Not everything will be handed to you this month. You have to work for what you aspire this month.

Sagittarius, this is your month! Happiness and joy will follow you everywhere you go.

Capricorns, please don’t take anyone or anything for granted this month. You will struggle this month but it will only make you stronger.